Annual Members’ Show – August 21-October 15, 2021

Annual fundraiser has been postponed. Date and time to be announced.

Do You Remember Angelo?

You old timers out there will remember Angelo Di Benedetto, Central City’s world famous painter and sculptor. Angelo Di Benedetto (1913-1992) moved to Central City in 1947 after being stationed at Buckley Air Force base. He lived in Central City and made art there until his death in 1992. Angelo exhibited in over 100 museums and galleries during his career.
Angelo owned the now vacant Sauer McShane Mercantile building and had his living space and studio there. The ground floor included several commercial spaces including The Mermaid Café which exhibited works by local artists.

Gilpin County Arts Association (GCAA) is in early stages of planning an exhibit to honor Angelo who was active in the creation of the arts group. GCAA is seeking art by Angelo that could be loaned for this exhibit. Many of his friends and former students are still around so please let us know if you have works that would be available to exhibit on loan or for sale. 

Please contact Virginia at 720- 297- 7034 if you would like to be part of this important exhibition or if you have information that would be helpful in preparing the exhibit.